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4th Geotechnical Workshop
January 29, 2010        12:00PM-5:30PM
A-Level Los Angeles Room, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
1). A Review of Our legacy System, History of Neglect, Current Issues, and What We Hope to
Accomplish for Levees
presentation file:4th_1_HDR_presentation_Dr_Harder_on_Levee_Safety.pdf
Invited Speaker::Dr.Leslie F. Harder, PE, GE  Senior Technical Advisor
HDR Engineering, Inc., Sacramento, CA (former Deputy Director of DWR)
2). LACSD Ocean Outfall Tunnel Geology and Geotechnical Characteristics
presentation file 1:
presentation file 2:
Invited Speaker: Dr.Phillip J. Hogan, CEG, Principal Marine Engineering Geologist
Dr. Ernesto Vicente, PE, GE, Principal Geotechnical Engineer
Fugro West, Inc., Ventura, CA
3). Design of CIDH Piles Using Load Test Data and Wall Foundations Design- Mission Valley East
LRT Project
presentation file:4th_3_Group_Delta_presentation_on_high_soil_nail_walls_and_CIDH_piles.pdf
Invited Speaker: Dr. Kul Bhushan PE, GE, Sr. Consulting Principal
Mr. Curt Scheyhing, GE, Area Manager
Group Delta Consultants Inc., Irvine, CA
4). Geotechnical Engineering and Earthwork at Owen Lake, California
presentation file:4th_4_CDM_presentation_on_Owens_Lake_project.pdf
Invited Speaker: Ms. Carla Duncan
Dr. Osman Pekin, PE, GE, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Mr. Jeff Woon, PE, GE
CDM, Inc., Irvine, CA
5). Borehole Geophysics for Geotechnical Engineering
presentation file:4th_5_GeoVision_presentation_on_geophysics_survey.pdf
Invited Speaker: Mr. John Diehl, PE
GeoVision, Inc., Corona, CA
Keynote Presentation:
111 North Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Ph: 213-367-0942
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